We offer Sales and Service for a comprehensive range of highest quality German manufactured equipment :-

  • Desktop Inspection Systems with Interchangeable Probe Attachments

  • Swing Prism Borescope Trackside Inspection Kits

  • Articulating Videoscopes from 2.4mm diameter

  • High Temperature Borescopes for online boiler inspections

  • UV Inspection Systems for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and UV Spot Curing

  • UV Pole Cameras for Aerospace shaft and drum inspection

  • HD Camera Systems with “Grid Reduction” feature




Featured Products

Flexivision 100 Desktop System

  • Premium Full HD Image Quality for safety and performance critical components inspection

  • High resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel image

  • Split Screen function

  • USB image documentation

  • Selective Colour Enhancement

  • Wide range of interchangeable Probe Attachments

  • HD Camera Head also available

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High Temperature Borescopes

  • Online boiler inspections to 1200°C

  • Suitable for use at Energy from Waste Plants, Steel pressing plants and Oil Refineries

  • Prototype Engine burn process inspection using compact version

  • Water cooling system

  • Air cleaning of the objective lens (optional) ensures clear views

  • Provides production and maintenance control inspection solutions for a wide range of industries.

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Trackside Inspection Kits

  • Race Engine Trackside inspections

  • CHP Gas Engine inspections

  • Onwing MRO inspections

  • Gas Cylinder inspections

  • UV option for Dye Penetrant Testing

  • comes with latest LED Compact Light Source

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UV Inspection Systems

  • Remote electric switching from UV to white light mode

  • Continuous intensity control without change of colour temperature

  • Worldwide standard in the aeronautics, aerospace and automotive industries for fluorescence inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • Choice of UV optimised rigid borescopes or articulating fiberscopes available

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Articulating Videoscopes

  • Choice of two-way or four way tip articulation

  • Portable systems with integrated battery pack

  • Tungsten braiding to protect insertion tube

  • Hard Drive and SD Card for image capture storage

  • Wide range of specifications available

  • High Definition image


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UV Pole Camera System

  • Aerospace shaft and drum inspection

  • "Switchable" UV Light Source

  • Interchangeable tip objectives

  • Image capture

  • Exceptional image quality

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