We offer Sales and Service for a comprehensive range of highest quality German manufactured equipment :-

  • Desktop Inspection Systems with Probe Attachments between 0.7mm and 4.0mm diameter

  • Flexible Fiberscopes between 0.3mm and 3.8mm diameter

  • Videoscopes with articulation from 2.4mm diameter

  • Rigid Borescopes between 1.8mm and 10.0mm diameter

  • UV Light Source equipment for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and UV Spot Curing

  • High Temperature Borescopes


Featured Products

Ultraview FSC.2

The Ultraview FSC-2 represents an amazing breakthrough in industrial endoscope design. A Pencil Grip Handle incorporates a CCD colour camera and new generation LED illuminator, to provide stunning image quality. A huge variety of interchangeable probe attachments are available for different inspection tasks. Bringing the camera closer to the object allows the probe attachments to be shorter and less prone to damage. Protection tubes are also available. 

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High Temperature Borescopes

Ultrafine’s HT Series Borescopes can be used for inspection within high temperature environments where it is just not possible to use normal endoscopes

  • Temperature resistant up to 1800°C
  • Lengths up to 2000 mm
  • Diameter from 10.0 mm to 60.0 mm
  • Air and/or water cooling system
  • Air cleaning of the objective lens (optional) ensures clear views
  • Flange available for fixed installations
  • Different directions of view available
  • Lens or video system for image transmission
  • Adapters available to allow video viewing and recording
  • Provides production and maintenance control inspection solutions for a wide range of industries.
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Micro Fiberscope

  • Flexible Micro Fiberscopes with Focussing Eyepiece 
  • Superbly engineered instruments with leading edge optical technology 
  • All feature a new miniaturised light weight focussing eyepiece head section 
  • Fiberscope diameters start at 0.5 mm (0.35 mm on request) and side viewing versions are available as small as 0.96 mm 
  • Can be used with camera and image capture software
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Superlite I04 UV light source

  • Remote electric switching from UV to white light mode
  • Continuous intensity control without change of colour temperature
  • Suitable for video and highspeed cameras due to DC operation
  • Worldwide standard in the aeronautics, aerospace and automotive industries for fluorescence inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • 200W DC super pressure mercury lamp with excellent lamp life (up to 2000 hours)
  • Minimal degradation of UV output over entire lamp life and low replacement cost, meaning high economy of operation
  • pre-aligned snap-in lamp module
  • Sophisticated 3-lens anti-reflection coated quartz glass condenser gives a homogeneous output pattern and eliminates costly disposable reflectors
  • Instant reignition, even when lamp is hot
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MicroEye Mobile

The MicroEye Mobile is a German manufactured Video Inspection system, designed for inspection of operating lengths to 2000mm. Due to its compact and lightweight design, it is easy to transport and use in almost every application area. 
The integrated battery pack ensures mains independent inspection for up to 2 hours. The additional audio function enables the operator to record comments together with video recording. 

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USB3 HD Industrial Camera

  • For use with both rigid and flexible endoscopes (C-mount adaptor required)
  • 1/2" OnSemi Python
  • 1280x1024 pixel
  • Trigger input and I/O
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